Mon 2006-09-04: The latest push try suspiciously silent on which happens this very day

Mon 2006-09-04: The latest push try suspiciously silent on which happens this very day

For example, i never hear exactly what Reiser’s child states regarding it in the pre-trial cops interview, of . I never listen to just what Hans or Doren really does about this date.

A number of the early push accounts, mention you to definitely Nina was advertised lost towards Sept. 4, and this it is because Nina failing to pick-up the children. If people revealing, was said, it will always be Ellen Doren. If lay your people just weren’t obtained out-of, are said, it is always “school.” The following is an illustration:

“Reiser went looking from the Berkeley Pan after ward, police trust, but don’t showed up for lunch in the their own friend’s family you to definitely night. When she don’t collect their unique youngsters off university the next date, Sept. 4, buddy Ellen Doren notified authorities.”

The challenge with this type of account is the fact Monday, Sept. 4, is a vacation, hence you will find no college. Simple fact is that Tuesday, of Labor Time weekend. Funny, exactly how a few of wife Tsu these force records, make exact same error, at the same time.

Ellen Doren doesn’t phone Hans, otherwise visit his household, to find out if Nina might possibly be that have your together with people, or even to find out if she has found the children and you may gone elsewhere. Is this since the Doren currently understands where Nina was?

Tue 2006-09-05: The children attend day-care at Joaquin Miller College. You to assumes you to Hans Reiser requires them to day care.

Tue 2006-09-05, 2:00 PM: Reiser’s mother, Beverly Palmer, and you may Draw McGothigan, come back from the Consuming Man event during the Nevada’s Black Material Wilderness. McGothigan, relates to Palmer, because their best friend.

Is this since the Doreen currently understands where Nina are?

Tue 2006-09-05, 2:29 PM: Doren, appears from the Joaquin Miller college or university to get new children out-of daycare, but doesn’t always have consent for this and simply leaves with out them. She says to school teams that “Nina is beyond urban area.” Into , Natalie Potter, testifies one to Nina’s daughter, Niorline, is actually that have Doren and that Doren produced new feedback “to your advantage of the little one.”

So, we’re to believe that Doren, who is worried sick about their own missing pal Nina, does not inquire Niorline in the event that this lady has viewed their own mother has just, otherwise knows in which this woman is. Doreen is apparently sure you to Niorline does not discover. Exactly how so is this?

Frequently, Potter does not inquire either people if they discover where the mother is. It should be emphasized you to definitely, as much as we realize, the children attend a whole day’s day-care, without worrying regarding their mom. In all, it’s clear the daughter and most likely brand new young man, don’t know its mother was missing.


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Tue 2006-09-05, 5:00 PM: Reiser, finds the newest Joaquin Miller college or university and sets up an event to go over the fresh program’s registration principles. He talks that have Natalie Potter. Even if Potter knows that Nina try missing, she neither tells Reiser which, nor asks Reiser in the event that he understands in which Nina are. Reiser says that he’s not there to get the new students in which he gets their permission having Doren to select all of them up, which she does a couple of minutes later, around 5:15 PM. Reiser is at the school for about ten minutes.

Tue 2006-09-05: In the an unidentified big date, but purportedly immediately after Nina does not get the youngsters out of day-care, Ellen Doren files a missing-individuals report.

At the an unknown time, cops run a phone interviews having Reiser. Later on, the majority of this new press, many times claim, “they haven’t yet was able to arrived at Hans Reiser because their research first started.” The police interviews probably happens ahead of Doren phone calls.

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